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     After many years of playing with various Montreal rock bands (Jake Clemons - E Street Band, Melissa Auf Der Maur - Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Plants and Animals, Dear Denizen, Royal Mountain Band, Super Little (now Barr Brothers), Chris Velan, Courtney Wing, Spoon River, Moufette, Vox Crosby,) and various piano jobs (subway stations, grocery stores, polish restaurants, ballet schools) Jeff Louch started his own band in 2008, Victory Chimes. After the release of 2 eps, Victory Chimes completed their first full length record. "Spinning Wheel”, released on Nov 16, 2018, digs deep into dark synth pop and the hypnosis of electronic show-gaze. These psych-soundscape textures and long-playing experimental song structures combine with Louch’s ethereal voice and lyrical imagery and explore the themes of self discovery and authenticity. All told, the record is a unique and honest collection of songs maintaining a incomparable sound and presence throughout. “Spinning Wheel” received exceptional reviews around the world and the band spent most of 2019 touring the music around Canada performing as a quartet, as a duo and Jeff Louch on his own solo shows as well. In 2020 Louch was awarded a scholarship to the International Songwriter’s program at the Banff Centre of the Arts as well as the Quebec Council of Arts Research and Development grant which facilitated the writing of a new Victory Chimes record. The band recorded through the fall/winter of the Pandemic 2020-21 with Jeff Louch on keys and vocals, Tony Spina on drums, Alex Formosa on guitars and synths, Jordey Tucker on guitar, Lisa Iwanyki on vocals and James Hall on bass. Engineered by Jace Lacek and produced by Jeff, Alex and Jace. Further down the rabbit hole of psych synth layers, sub bass drones, hypnotic hip hop drums. Lyrical colouring from the macabre to blissful fantasy and styles stretching from narrative to stream on consciousness to absurdity. The new record arrives this spring/summer, 2022.

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